Livestock Auction Markets

Permitted livestock auction markets serve Minnesota and out-of-state producers by providing a location for buying and selling livestock which contributes to the state’s agricultural economy.

The markets are required to have well-maintained grounds and equipment. The market manager ensures that all livestock meet identification requirements for sale in addition to record keeping. Market managers also employ an official veterinarian, and both work to make sure that the livestock sold is healthy.

Livestock auctions vs exhibitions

  • “Community sales” means the public sale of livestock or poultry for purposes other than immediate slaughter, from any location in Minnesota where two or more persons who own livestock offer the livestock for public sale. “Community sales” includes regularly scheduled livestock auction markets, consignment sales of livestock, and street markets of livestock.
  • “Exhibition” means bringing livestock or poultry owned by two or more persons to one location in Minnesota for judging or for display to the public, except when there is only one animal of each species exhibited.

Permitted Livestock Auction Markets in Minnesota:

Federally Approved Livestock Markets